Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"My Content" Filters

If you check out your My Content page on Associated Content, you'll notice that we've added new filters that make it easier for you to manage your AC library.

Rather than looking at your content in one long list, you can now filter your content by status: Submitted, Offer, Processing and Published. You can even check out all of your Incomplete content and decide whether you'd like to remove it, keep it on hold or finish submitting it.

These minor improvements make your My Content page easier to use, and they'll even help it load faster.

Soon, we'll be rolling out some Account page enhancements that will provide you with even more valuable information about your library of content.

Happy publishing!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Congrats to May's Award Winners!

We'd like to congratulate the winners of Associated Content's Best New Source and Best of AC Awards for the month of May!

Our monthly contests acknowledge and reward some of the most talented AC Sources, old and new, publishing extraordinary content in a wide range of topics.

Our Best of AC winners for the May are Otter (Computer & Video Game Reviews), Gayle Crabtree (Local Coverage) and Angel Vee (Wedding Guides) - three fantastic contributors who distinguished themselves in their respective categories amongst a large and diverse group of nominees.

Our Best New Sources for May are Sean Easley, Sam Zolin and Meg C. Each of them are off to a great start, having published more than 50 pieces of content and reached Clout 5 or above in their first months on AC. Stop by their profiles and welcome them to the AC Community!

We'll be looking out for three great new Sources in June, and giving out Best of AC Awards for Automotive, Summer Travel Guides and Web Technology. If you'd like to nominate yourself or anyone else for one of these awards, please do so on the AC Forum or by emailing your nomination to

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Local Content Drive & Sweepstakes!

One thing that distinguishes Associated Content’s library is the rich, diverse array of local content, submitted by Sources from across the US (and beyond).

What is local content? Reviews of local restaurants, shops and other businesses. Previews of upcoming events. Guides to the best tourist destinations in the towns you live in and visit. Profiles of local groups and individuals. Anything about anything that’s happening in and around your community.

Local content is also an excellent addition to every Source’s library – it’s highly searchable and easy to create based on your own experiences. Some of our most successful contributors are those who have learned to effectively “localize content” – just ask Pam Gaulin.

Now, we’re providing our community with a special incentive to create more local content. Through the end of June, every piece of content published on one of our Local (aka “Cities & Neighborhoods”) templates will count as an entry in our Local Content Sweeps. On July 14, five random winners will be chosen and each will receive a Sony Cybershot Digital Camera! Read the official rules here.

So, what are you waiting for? Log onto AC, and start telling us what’s happening in your community!