Friday, August 27, 2010

Katrina Survivors Share Stories on Yahoo!

Yahoo! published the work of several Contributors on Thursday in a package on the five-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The contributors, all survivors of the storm, were featured on the front pages of Yahoo! News and

(Picture of Hurricane Katrina courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Here's what Yahoo! News wrote in a round-up collection:

If there's a lesson to be drawn from the deluge that laid waste five years ago to much of New Orleans and surrounding areas, it's this:

"You cannot be baptized in the dirty waters of Hurricane Katrina and come out unchanged."

So says Lesa Z. Myrick, one of the Associated Content contributors who provided Yahoo! News with first-person accounts of the catastrophe and its aftermath.

Read the stories to learn more.


Susan Letulle said...

I was a survivor or Hurricane Katrina this was the worse Hurricane I can remember. Watching people dying was the worse adults and children alike were taken from us and there was nothing we could do to help these people. Still in Dreams hearing screams for help and the houses being ripped off their foundations, vehicles flying thru the air, just debris was everywhere it was a very scary. Being on the roof for someone to find you tired, hot,scared, what do you do finally help is coming but what about all the others who didn't get help? Feeling helpless but also greatfull. Katrina came and it went did a great damage but our lives {some} were spared,others brave lost their lives that day something I will never forget. Going back to a place where we once called home was gone washed away, our families some were found some were not this is something we will never forget yet as we should we picked back up trying to rebuild what we called home once upon a time things will never be the same after Katrina hit,but we did survive and we did rebuild and we will make New Orleans and Chalmette, Slidell and Mississippi back again it will take time but our souls and our hearts always remain with the way it use to be. But now I look back and I am thankful to be alive,sad because family, friends will never return but their spirits will always remain in our city's and in our hearts

jacq said...

i like it