Monday, October 19, 2009

AC Twitter Challenge Contest Recap and Some Outstanding Content

The AC Twitter Challenge is over. A whopping 460 entrants used Twitter to enter the sweepstakes and/or accepted the AC Twitter Challenge assignment through the AC Assignment Desk, for a total of 1,056 entries!

Six winners have been randomly selected and will be announced publicly as soon as we have contacted the winners privately to share the good news. For now, let's take a look at some outstanding content published by AC contributors who took the Twitter Challenge and wrote about their experiences.

Lyn Lomasi was an active Twitter user before the Twitter Challenge and took the contest as an opportunity to increase her participation and connect with other AC contributors. Her article, "Twitter Is a Must for AC Contributors," describes her experiences with HootSuite and gives props to a few AC Twitterers who are especially good Twitter pals.

KK Thornton is a savvy Twitter user who took time to share her best tips in her Beginner's Guide to Tweeting for Fun and Profit. KK discusses privacy, the correct use of hashtags and how to get others to retweet you, among other witty and helpful nuggets of advice.

Tamara Waters didn't fall in love with Twitter at first Tweet, but as she dove further into the community she began to see the value in microblogging. She's discussed her evolution from Twitter skeptic (Tweptic?) to True Twit in her post, "Microblogging with Twitter: True Confessions of a Twit." Tamara even Tweeted to keep up with friends and family while turkey hunting recently!

Jolie Du Pre knows that Twitter is only as useful as you make it. In, "How Twitter Works for Me," she shares her favorite Twitter applications, tips for organizing your Tweets and advice on how often to Tweet for maximum efficiency.

Check these great articles out while you wait for the big results announcement. We'll feature more top content tomorrow. Look for an "awards show" post from AC Jelena shouting out some excellent AC Twitterers later this week.

Also, please be sure to read the addendum we added to the Offical Rules of the contest. Due to limitations in our ability to search Twitter's archives, we are unable to verify repeat entries by the first week's entrants. To account for this, we gave all of week one's entrants an additional content entry. Click here


M.G. Hardiman said...

Interesting update. Impressive results and outcome. Thanks to our brave AC community for taking the Twitter plunge.

Lyn Lomasi said...

This challenge was an awesome way to get Contributors participating in Twitter. I think it's an asset for any online article writer. Thanks for the fun challenge AC! Also, thanks for linking to me, Jelena. I had so much fun in the challenge and hope my results prove useful to others. Can't wait to see who the winners are. :-)

Jolie du Pre said...

I just found out my article was highlighted from - you guessed it - Twitter! A number of people posted the information.


Marilisa said...

These above mentioned Twitters have been very helpful to us who didn't use Twitter except to auto-post before the contest. I had great fun retweeting other contributors' content and plan to continue that. Great contest. Great idea. My only thought might be that maybe next time you might award three random prizes and three to folks like Lyn, KK, Jolie and others listed in this blog post for their helpful content articles (instead of six random awards). Maybe that would be too difficult; just a thought. Will you try a Facebook contest?

K K Thornton said...

Thanks for the the link! I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and I am happy others are finding my article helpful. :)