Friday, January 22, 2010

Content of the Year Winners

The 4th Annual People's Media Awards are complete, and we at AC are proud to announce our five Content of the Year winners. These spectacular pieces aren't just the best of 2009; they stand among the best content we've ever had the privilege of publishing on AC.

Each of the five winners will receive $500.00 and, of course, lifelong bragging rights. Congratulations to all!

Galapagos Islands Threatened by the Wrong Kind of Tourism -- Brad Sylvester

This article takes on an unusual, compelling subject and its author goes above and beyond in his research. Brad Sylvester interviewed an expert and seamlessly incorporated the interview into his article.

Speech, speech!

Confessions of a Bone Collector -- Rochelle Connery

Talk about unique! This is a quirky personal narrative that you wouldn't find anywhere else on the web or in print media. Rochelle Connery takes readers on a funny, slightly grotesque tour of her unusual hobby.

Speech, speech!

Challenge for Metro Detroit Charities: Fewer Donors, More People in Need -- Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson's news writing is on par with that found in any major newspaper. Thompson's interviews, statistics and opinions create a striking snapshot of working America during a recession.

Speech, speech!

A Widow's View on the U.S. Health Care Debate -- B.L. Boitson

B.L. Boitson shares painful memories of her late husband's battle with cancer, and in the process illustrates that the health care debate isn't a matter of black and white or good versus evil.

Speech, speech!

Coping with a Child's Cancer Diagnosis -- Maria Roth

Maria has written several articles about her daughter's leukemia, but this selection was particularly poignant and useful to other families in the same situation. Far from being morbid or depressing, Maria's writing about her daughter's cancer treatment showcases the Roth family's strength and positivity.

Speech, speech!

But wait!

There's more!

I know I said we'd chosen five pieces as Content of the Year, but there's still a sixth award to announce.

Say Yes to Happiness -- Betty Malone

Betty Malone, a contributor who was very active and much loved in our community, sadly passed away on November 17, 2009. We're honoring her memory and her impact on our community with a special memorial award. Betty never got to write the biography she'd often talked about, but this article stands as a testimony to the challenges she overcame and her unique insight into the human condition. We'll make a donation in her honor to and we're gathering loving memories of Betty from our community to share with her family. If you'd like to share your favorite special memory of Betty, please send a private message to me (AC Jelena).

Congratulations to all the winners, and here's to a great 2010 in the AC Community. Don't forget to check out our contributors of the year, too!


Marilisa said...

Congratulations to all the deserving winners.

M.G. Hardiman said...

Congratulations on our 2009 People's Media Award winners. Well done, and well-deserved awards.

Cheers to all!! M.G. Hardiman

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all the winners and Big Ups to AC of the post humous donation for Betty Malone.

Linda Ann Nickerson said...

Congratulations to all the AC winners.

And thank you, AC, for honoring our dear friend and colleague, Betty Malone.

We still miss her!


Cassandra James said...

Congratulations to everyone and SO happy you chose Betty Malone. She's certainly missed at AC.

Kelly Spies said...

Congratulations on your awards everyone.

thexyz said...

Great news, congrats!