Monday, March 8, 2010

The People's Media Company

In 2005, Associated Content took its first step into the world of online publishing under a banner that our earliest contributors might remember: The People's Media Company™.

Although our original tagline has been out of rotation for a couple years, we still find that it captures the spirit of our company in an increasingly crowded industry. Now, we are excited to reclaim this identity and shout it from our rooftop:

Although we created our industry’s first-online Assignment Desk - to increase the opportunities available to our Contributors - our focus is empowering individuals to create content on topics that they choose. We use algorithmic technology to monetize content, not to decide story topics for us.

While our core values remain, our platform continues to evolve toward a more engaging content experience for our visitors and a wider range of opportunities for our community. So far this year, we’ve refreshed the look of our site, created enhanced category themes, rolled out new publishing tools and launched Featured Contributor programs in more than 30 categories. Expect many more enhancements and experiments along these lines in 2010, including a local content program and new publishing tools.

Associated Content was created so anyone could share his or her voice, passion and expertise with the world and take part in the new content economy. More than five years later -- with a library of 2 million pieces of content and a community of 350,000 individual contributors -- we are still the publishing platform built for you, and powered by you. Together, we are The People’s Media Company.

-Patrick Keane
CEO, Associated Content


Lyn Lomasi said...

I love 'The People's Media Company' moniker and was very happy when that was brought back. It really does embody what the AC community is all about. Thanks for bringing it back. :-)

Marilisa said...

I agree with Lyn and am glad to see 'People's Media Company' logo. Thank you for the update, Mr. Keane.

M.G. Hardiman said...

Awesome opportunity to be able to contribute to "The People's Media Company." Thanks, AC. Look forward to the year head.

Jolie du Pre said...

I'm very happy to be a part of Associated Content. I look forward to many more years to come!

BookingAlong said...

I'm glad to be a part of The People's Media Company and glad to write for the community and all the readers who come to read our articles.

Lynn Pritchett said...

People's Media Company (PMC) is the "Place to Be" online for creative folks like me! Write on, AC'ers!

Sylvia Cochran said...

I agree with Lyn et al. AC is definitely the place to be for writers who want to grow in their craft and do so in a supportive environment.

PennyAuctionScript said...

It feels nice be with "People's Media Company", nice place to grow online for writers.
Thanks for the update