Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Patrick Keane: Don't Confuse Social Networking with Social Media

Social networking is a hot topic for businesses, but how many are getting it right? Some big brands establish a Twitter account but never interact, winding up with a mere handful of followers and no value added to the business. Others, like CNN, take engagement to the next level and offer their social network fans or followers a real chance to not only get updates about the brand but also contribute to and interact with it.

Associated Content CEO Patrick Keane makes his case for social content creation and curation in an Ad Age column this week. He feels that Associated Content's diverse community and crowdsourced content is the way of the future, along with other brands like Wikipedia and Youtube with similar diverse communities and massive amounts of user generated content.

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Lyn Lomasi said...

That was an excellent article! AC is the perfect example to follow for companies who want to do social media the right way. The company is continuously excelling at a fast pace and I believe the social media integration is major factor in that.

BookingAlong said...

Popping over to check out the article!