Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Win an Apple iPad in our Spring Sweepstakes

May flowers are starting to bloom, and that means there's less than one month for you to take advantage of Associated Content's April Showers Bring May Flowers sweepstakes!

We're giving away 2 32GB, WiFi-enabled Apple iPads, so make sure you get as many entries into the sweepstakes as possible by May 31.

If you're a new Contributor, you can enter the sweeps by publishing your first Associated Content article by the end of the month -- it's that easy. Click here for the official rules.

All Contributors can enter the sweepstakes by referring new Contributors to Associated Content. Tell your friends about AC using your Invites tool or the unique link on your Referrals page. For each recruit who publishes content by May 31, you'll get an additional sweepstakes entry. Click here for the official rules.

As an added bonus, you'll receive $10 if any of the Contributors you refer by the end of May reach Clout 5 by August 31. So tell all the writers you know about Associated Content, and help them take their first steps on the path to AC greatness. The more people you refer, the more you'll earn and the better your chances of snatching one of those iPads.

Good luck!


Lisa Mason said...

Is there a delay on these sign ups showing under our accounts? I had many tell me they used my links to sign up but only 3-4 showing under my account. Love these contests/sweepstakes you do though- keep it up!

Y! Darnell said...

Hey Lisa,

Email us with an example of someone who told you they signed up but isn't showing on your referral page. We'll check it out and make sure you get credit.