Wednesday, July 14, 2010

June 2010 Rising Stars

Our June 2010 Rising Stars are an impressive bunch! From vampire facts to flood damage help, readers can learn a lot from these Contributors. They may be new to Associated Content, but they're already standing out.

June's rising stars include Jennifer Sale, who focuses on humor and pop culture; Briana Blair, an artist who writes about everything from vampires to healthy food choices; Featured Sports Contributor Adam Spencer; Beauty Featured Contributor Whitney Laurence; and Ebie Harris, a Featured Contributor for our Parenting and Travel categories.

Please congratulate our June Rising Stars! It takes courage to jump into a new writing site and succeed. These five Contributors are doing a great job.

Don't forget--we reward five Rising Stars each month with a cash prize, nifty profile badge and infinite bragging rights. Nominate your favorites in the Contests and Nominations forum!

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M.G. Hardiman said...

Best wishes to our newest AC Rising Stars. Well-deserved applause! These contests really encourage and inspire AC contributors to put forth their very best efforts. They're a wonderful way to recognize and raise the profile of emerging talent in our midst. Congratulations to all! :)