Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Associated Content Contributors Star on Yahoo! News, Finance and Lifestyle Sites

In the two weeks since we first showcased a roundup of articles by Associated Content Contributors on the Yahoo! family of sites, our Contributors have stood out on Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance and more. Check out these great pieces published recently!

Amazing Yahoo! cake by Sabah Karimi

Joseph Lizio, a Featured Business and Finance Contributor, schooled Yahoo! Finance readers on how to gauge the well-being of a small business during an economic downturn. Joseph's experience as founder of Business Money Today and in commercial lending helped him give some excellent tips to entrepreneurs.

On Yahoo! News, Kimberly Eddy touched readers with a first person story of an absent "economic recovery" In Detroit. Her husband's prolonged underemployment has meant budget cuts and difficulty with mortgage payments for Kimberly's family.

Carol Bengle Gilbert also published a poignant first person story about the recession on Yahoo! News, in which she discusses her husband's battle with cancer and her unsuccessful job hunt despite experience as a government attorney.

Also on Yahoo! News, Tommy Acosta sounds off about Arizona's strict new immigration law, SB 1070. As the editor of the Sedona Times, he's seen his neighbors and readers struggle with local impacts of this legislation.

On Shine, Jan Corn shared her frightening discovery of a Vitamin D deficiency that might put her at a heightened risk for Parkinson's Disease and other serious ailments. Jan explains her symptoms and what the doctor ordered in order to reverse the deficiency.

Meanwhile, back on Yahoo! News, Ted Rood is mad as heck and he's not going to take it anymore. As a loan officer with ten years of experience, he sees new lending regulations as an insult to his profession and his customers, as well as an added cost to homebuyers who can least afford it.

Anthony Ventre, on the other hand, fears not for a single profession but for the survival of the American middle class. Anthony's chopping wood and shopping at the dollar store to get by, and a drop in the value of his home made him feel burglarized as the economy crashed.

Audrey Sivasothy lightens the mood--and her hair--on Shine with expert advice on repair for sun-damaged hair. As a Featured Beauty Contributor and a future hair care author, she's got the scoop on how to look your best this summer.

If you're thinking of going back to school for training or a second degree, Meg Grant has some tips on important considerations, including your budget, the length of the program, and more.

Finally, Marie-Luise Blue is watching your back--literally--with a post chock full of exercises less likely to cause bone stress fractures. These painful injuries are common in women who prefer very physically demanding workouts.

We love what Contributors are doing to share their expertise and experiences with the world through Yahoo!'s network! If you've had a piece published on Yahoo!, share your experiences in a comment.


BookingAlong said...

I just found out my article was mentioned on the AC blog! Thanks so much for the extra distribution and exposure on Yahoo! Congrats to all who are mentioned here and in the newest thread.

Lyn Lomasi said...

Loving seeing all these fellow Contributors featured around Yahoo! Excellent work, everyone!

Guy Farmer said...

I appreciate the wonderful contributions by Associated Content authors. Congratulations and keep up the great work.

Unknown said...

This is one of those comments that's in the category of "I wonder why????" And, here's the comment: "Now that we're part of Yahoo, and have all those great financial tools under Yahoo, why are we using the PayPal system?Paypal is one of Ebay's tools, an outfit not known for ultimate accuracy, but known for taking fees when it feels like it? How long will it be before some of the story fees we are being paid will be subject to PayPal and Ebay fees because the administrative costs are too high for them to bear? I have a great suggestion, if anyone cares to listen, maybe Yahoo can get together with another outfit, such as Amazon and buy out Ebay/Paypal and then go about making them (the new entity) more responsible???