Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Guest Post: AC's Operations Dept

Occasionally you'll see posts on here from different departments at AC. This one is from Reagan in Associated Content HR:

AC is growing
'08 has brought many more
AC rocks and rolls

Inundated with
Resumes and interviews
Yeah - keep 'em coming

Denver was our start
AC New York leads our growth
Must be the water

Content Producers
Are the reasons we are here
Oh, and Luke Beatty

(How do you like my first shot at writing Haiku? I think I could use some practice. Why don't you try your hand at Political Haiku? The contest runs through 9/19, check your Calls for Content for more details.)

It's an exciting time at Associated Content--the growth of our company, the increasing number of CPs and the amazing content library that we have built up over the years are just a few of the things I'm excited about. Working in HR has opened my eyes to so many different things, and I have learned a ton from articles posted on AC. If you are job-hunting, please read the following articles on resume writing, interviewing skills, cover letters, etc. They're some basic, easy tips but you'd be surprised at how the little things can make a difference.

To see about job opportunities at AC in the Denver and New York City areas, visit our Careers page.

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Michelle L. Devon said...

Okay, had to laugh at the 'Oh, and Luke Beatty' LMAO....