Monday, October 27, 2008

Two Content Producers Worth Noting

Sometimes Content Producers contact me directly to tell me about something exceptional that is happening with them in regards to Associated Content. There are two such gentlemen who have been in touch with me recently and I thought I'd share their work with the larger AC world today.

But before I get to them, please take this post as an open invitation to contact me whenever you have something going on that you think your fellow Content Producers will be interested in. If you're publishing a book or writing to raise awareness of a cause or even just submitting some really cool content I'd always like to know about it. Now, on to our CPs:

First is CP Robert Dougherty. He joined AC in January of this year, is already at Clout 10 and won a Best of AC Award for Entertainment in August. He is also a newly published author! Robert has written a guide to the first three seasons of the television show Lost. A prolific writer about all things film and television for Associated Content, The Lost Episode Guide for Others: An Unofficial Anthology is self-published through iUniverse and is also available as an E-Book. If you've ever dabbled with Lost or need a refresher before the new season starts, consider The Lost Episode Guide for Others by your fellow Content Producer Robert D.

Second CP in the spotlight tonight is CP Steve Strangio. Steve is a professional writer and funny-man-about-town who told me he intends to upload more editions of his group podcast "The After Party" on Associated Content. You can listen to Steve and his co-hosts humorously (and good-naturedly) discuss disastrous weddings, dating and life as they savor some wine and one another's company. Here's to hoping that we hear more of "The After Party" on Associated Content soon!

Check out their stuff and be sure to drop me a line if you've got something you'd like to share on the AC Blog.

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Onemargaret said...

Congratulations to both Robert and Steve on their well-deserved success!