Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Town Hall Tonight and October's Best New Content Producers

Welcome to a post-election world, Associated Content blog followers. Now that most of the results are in, there will be more time to focus on other things, like getting page view numbers up and earning extra $$ before the holidays! There are a few news items on tap tonight.

First is a Town Hall. Tonight, Wednesday, Nov. 5th at 8:00 pm ET, Content Manager Gina Foianini is leading a session on Tips for New Content Producers. Gina will cover tips and tricks on Associated Content that all new Content Producers should be aware of. She will also discuss topics like citing sources, what qualifies for Upfront Payment and how to find good topics as a beginner with Associated Content.

If you're a new CP this is a must-attend event and if you're a more experienced CP this is a great refresher course. Click here to sign up.

Next order of business are October's Best New Content Producers! Please join me in congratulating the following people on their exemplary start at Associated Content.

T. S. Aschenge
is a freelance writer in Atlanta, GA who writes fascinating articles on food, cooking and the life of a chef. Check out the intriguingly titled "Secret Life of Vinaigrettes."

Next is Texan Heather Belle, who is a font of wedding planning advice. She also publishes informative restaurant and product reviews. Read "Surviving a Difficult Economy as Newlyweds" for some indispensable wisdom.

Last but not least is Jennifer Wagner. A resident of Jacksonville, NC, Jennifer is already a Clout 4 after a month of writing articles on parenting, pets and even a few recipes. Get inspired to bake a seasonal treat when you read her pumpkin roll recipe.

Well done, Best New CPs! Welcome to Associated Content and keep up the good work.


Unknown said...

The Town Hall was a good refresher course for me. I wrote a post about it to remind me of the classic information.

Lyn Lomasi said...

I bet the new CP's enjoyed the town hall and will make great use of it.

Congrats to the October contest winners. :-)

As far as the election, my brain is exhausted from reading all the great AC content that was posted about it and there are many more pieces I haven't read yet. LOL Plus, I tried to link to all the best ones I noticed from my freelance/AC blog. After all of that yesterday, I actually slept 10 hours last night...a rarity for me. LOL

Anonymous said...

My first town hall; before I had either been working or had not been interested in the topic. It was a great town hall! I learned a lot of useful info. It was also cool hearing the actual voices of AC Sam, Gina, and Valerie. I will try to attend as many town halls as possible. Thanks AC!

Jenny Wagner said...

The Town Hall sounds like a great help. I'll have to be sure to check it out. Thanks so much!

Jennifer Wagner