Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This Week on Associated Content

After a lot of research and discussion, we are making a few changes to some of the descriptions used at Associated Content.

These changes are being made for one big reason: To be as clear, open and accessible as possible for any site visitor and contributor to understand what AC offers. Some of our traditional descriptions, while totally familiar to those of you who have been with us for a while, often required some explanation for people unfamiliar with AC.

Starting this week, Content Producers will be referred to as “Sources.” We are making this change so that it is clear to visitors that every contributor to Associated Content is a source for valuable information.

Additionally, “Calls for Content” are now, simply, going to be called “assignments.” Our transparent system of offering you original topic ideas and set upfront payments -- hundreds of them every week -- remains exactly the same. Our goal was to make it more obvious what this system was all about.

We appreciate it might be an adjustment, but nothing is changing about your profile, content, status or the way AC works – particularly our unique payment system.

You, our Sources, are still AC’s greatest strength, and your title will convey that to everyone who connects with your content.


Lyn Lomasi said...

Thanks! I just made a forum post about the new logo saying "information from the source" before I came to read this. I like that. It sounds more professional.

AC has been making many positive changes lately.

I like being known as a "source" and I also like the change from "C4C's" to "assignments." That will be easier for newly-registered CP's - I mean Sources (gotta get used to that)- to understand.


Unknown said...

It's different, but it took me three looks to notice what momie was speaking of in the forum.

Think you folks at AC need to remember there are more than just "young folks" with better than average eyesight looking at AC.

That's just my 5 cents worth.

Michelle L. Devon said...

Humm... I'm not sure that's very accurate, to call us 'sources', when sometimes we are relaying information from other sources and AC makes us cite sources.

Hummm.... I dunno. Not sure I'm gonna like that.

Calls changed to assignments is kinda cool in that this brings it more inline with industry standard terminology. I'm cool with that.

If I'm a source - can that make me a source-rer?


Love and stuff,

Anonymous said...

Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia.

alyceclover said...

I think the word "Source" has a bad reputation; breaking news stories often mention an unnamed source and usually that source is leaking info police want to keep quiet.

We produce content or articles. How about calling us simply Writers?

I miss the original AC which was easy to navigate.

Unrelated to that:

Today I tried 1/2 dozen times to get past the second second to publish. Every time I hit Save and Next, it took me back to the Choose (type of article) page.

I am using Wifi and laptop at library, making this very frustrating. And no the problem is not my not doing anything different than the last times I published.

AC_Laura said...

Alyce, please email Sam at Admin@associatedcontent about the publish process problem. He'll get you fixed up.

As far as the "Writers" suggestion, that would be limiting because there are people who also publish videos, slideshows and audio on AC. Sources applies to all of the people here, not just our writers.

Anonymous said...

Laura, how about "Contributors" since everyone contributes content?

Anonymous said...

I'm just imagining some famous day in the future when I talk to Mick Jagger's press secretary about an interview: Hello, this is Carol Gibson, I'm a . . .wait a minute . . the? source for? . . at?...AC.

Oh no, not another identity crisis.