Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finding the Funny on Associated Content

Looking for a laugh? AC has lots of hilarious folks posting videos, poems and humorous essays. Below are just a few of the people who stand out in the humor section of AC.

Nutuba writes clever wordplay lessons that will make sure you never misuse "hopefully" or "nauseous" again. He also writes A Christmas Story-esque nostalgia pieces about childhood mishaps and sweetly humorous fatherhood moments. If you like your humor smart without sarcasm, visit his profile often.

Greenhill writes poetry about an obsessive relationship with AC, "I used to go outside with the dog and play, Now I sit at the computer all day." There's also the scandalously-titled "My Husband Beats Me up Every Morning."

TheBarefoot needs no introduction. He's a well-known figure on AC.com and is very funny in long form as well as in his frequent, shorter Forum posts. Check out "911 Calls from McDonald's Prove Darwin was Wrong About Natural Selection" and his guide for college students choosing a major.

KValentine, who has been mentioned on the AC blog before, publishes a charming, giddy series of videos between dolls Cosette and Eponine. The two of them discuss everything from Final Fantasy video games to the Dollectable convention.

Loose Cannon is a relatively recent signup already making waves at AC with his edgy, sarcastic humor. Pay attention to him now, because he's planning on going places. Want to scam Starbucks for free coffee or hear his strong feelings on the financial bailout? Don't miss out on his blog, either. You can find a link to it from his profile.

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Linda Ann Nickerson said...

Good roundup of familiar AC-ers and new folks to check out . . . heading there now.

Linda N