Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"My Content" Filters

If you check out your My Content page on Associated Content, you'll notice that we've added new filters that make it easier for you to manage your AC library.

Rather than looking at your content in one long list, you can now filter your content by status: Submitted, Offer, Processing and Published. You can even check out all of your Incomplete content and decide whether you'd like to remove it, keep it on hold or finish submitting it.

These minor improvements make your My Content page easier to use, and they'll even help it load faster.

Soon, we'll be rolling out some Account page enhancements that will provide you with even more valuable information about your library of content.

Happy publishing!


Lyn Lomasi said...

Thanks! I love this new feature. It might be considered a minor improvement, but it will make it much easier to keep track of things.

This way, if I only want to go check page view stats, I can go straight to the published section.

Or, if I just want to accept offers, I can go straight to that section, etc, etc...

When a person's as busy as me, every little bit of time saved makes a difference. Thanks to all at AC who had a part in these changes.

Lyn Lomasi said...

Also wanted to add that I can't wait to see what is coming next for the account pages. Thanks again. :-)

Pam said...

Very nice. I noticed this earlier and it confused me a bit. I thought it was because I'd published so many that it had to be downsized. LOL.

carol gibson said...

I just want to say thanks for the help that came my way, when my article seemed to get lost on the "my content" page. Normally when an item is published, it goes to the top of the list. That's why I couldn't find one of my most recent publications.

Darnell came to the rescue, and took me through the steps, and got me back on track thanks to your responsiveness.

I really appreciate this, and think that the filters are a great idea.

M.G. Hardiman said...

Filters = good. New stuff = fun to stumble across. Everyday there's something else going on at AC. Thanks, guys for playing around with some of this stuff. Excellent features.

Unknown said...

I can't figure out why my content is listed as "incomplete." I've gone through the editing process multiple times and made sure I clicked everything I was supposed to click, filled in all the right info, and then submitted it all, but it still says incomplete.

Anyone know why?