Thursday, January 21, 2010

Update: Haitian Relief Content Drive

More than 130 contributors have already contributed to our Haitian Relief Content Drive, and another 100 have claimed the assignment.

George Rupp, President of the International Rescue Committee, explains his organization’s mission in Haiti Donations Urgently Needed.

Nina Rotz provides a moving account of her own experience as a refugee in Why I feel Compassion for the Children of Haiti.

Janet Hunt helps us keep the tragedy in perspective with Why I was Too Busy to Help Haiti.

Carol Bengle Gilbert provides a snapshot of community aid efforts; while many contributors, including Lucinda Gunnin, Babblin’ Brook, Julia Bodeeb, Stacy Fisher and Marilia Kinney Sachteleben, suggest creative and inspiring ways for individuals to lend a helping hand. Read more inspiring and informative pieces here.

It’s not too late to participate! If you haven’t done so already, claim your “Help AC Raise $ for Haitian Relief Efforts” assignment today, or encourage a friend to join us and write for the cause. Submissions are due by this Friday at midnight. Together we’ve raised a projected $1,075… Let’s shoot for another 200 articles and another $1,000 for the IRC.

And remember, we’ll also going to match performance payments based on the traffic this content generates, so be sure to share your pieces far and wide!

Thanks to all who’ve already contributed to the cause – AC Contributors truly are writers without borders.


Marilisa said...

Nice explanation about the Haiti relief campaign! IRC noted on Twitter that none of their relief workers were injured in the second quake. Truly a 'relief'!

Julie Sadie said...

I am interested to submit an article but i can't find the "Help AC Raise..." on my Assignment Desk. How do I go about it? Thanks.

Linda Ann Nickerson said...

GREAT assignment . . . I only wish AC writers were allowed to submit multiple relevant articles for this AC donation project.

Linda N.


Y! Darnell said...

Hey Julie,

Are you brand new to AC? You may not have been targeted with the assignment to begin with.

Go ahead and publish your piece outside the assignment, and then send a link to the published piece to We'll be sure to include it in the campaign.

Carol Bengle Gilbert said...

It just keeps getting worse! Another alert today indicating yet another significant aftershock. So glad to have this opportunity to help the Haitian people.

Marilisa said...

I have started a blog at and will link any Haiti articles to it that I have permission to use. I only add the 'share' text snippet and link. Readers must click 'read more' and they are taken back to AC. I've added Google Adsense and Amazon Associates. Any proceeds from ads will be diverted to the IRC. I need permission before I add anyone's content.