Thursday, February 11, 2010

January 2010 Award Winners

We'd like to congratulate the winner's of Associated Content's January 2010 awards!

Best of AC: Fitness, Technology & Travel

Our monthly Best of AC awards recognize the achievements of Contributors publishing extraordinary content in a wide range of topics. January's winners are:

Best of AC: Fitness & Exercise -- Josephine McCulley
Josephine McCulley is new to Associated Content, but this personal trainer and Featured Health & Wellness Contributor has already distinguished herself with a series of beautifully written and formatted Fitness & Exercise guides. If you've been slacking on your 2010 New Year's resolutions, her roundup of Four Surprising Benefits of Exercise might give you a few more reasons to get back on track.

Best of AC: Technology Reviews -- Phil Dotree
Audiophile and gadget enthusiast Phil Dotree has published more than 700 engaging, insightful and often funny Technology articles on Associated Content since 2006. Wanna know how to get your entertainment fix without footing a hefty cable bill each month? Check out his review of Netflix Instant View.

Best of AC: Winter Travel -- Cassandra James
In 2007, Cassandra James published her first piece on Associated Content: an account of her decision to make Thailand her new home. Since then, she has contributed more than 700 travel articles to the AC library, most of them based on personal experience as an British-American ex-pat living in Bangkok. Her profile is a wealth of information for anyone who's planning to travel to Thailand, Malaysia, the U.K. or any of the other places Cassandra has lived and traveled.

Rising Stars

Our Rising Star awards shine a spotlight on some of our most promising new Contributors. January's winners are...

Cynthia Ann started publishing in November, and she has already risen to a Clout 7 with 115 pieces of content. Her infectious enthusiasm has earned the affection of the community, who came out in droves to nominate her for this award. Make sure to read her Summer Camps for Children with Special Needs.

Prolific tech reviewer and Featured Contributor Timothy Knuth has already published 40 incredibly informative pieces since joining at the end of October. Thinking about upgrading to Windows 7? Be sure to read Migrating Windows XP or Vista Profile to Windows 7.

Cindy Tuttle could win this award for sheer volume of contributions (over 400 since December), but it's her positive contributions to the AC community that really sets her apart. What is a Spiritual Retreat? is a great example of her spiritually-inclined and community-minded style.

Disability rights activist and advocate Anita Cameron brings a unique perspective to the AC library and community. Don't miss her excellent contribution to our Haitian Relief Content Drive: Whirlwind Wheelchair International: Bringing Wheelchairs to Haitian Disabled.

Last, but certainly not least: Kay Balbi's diverse areas of interest, solid grasp of SEO and strong personal voice have all contributed to her early success. Bathroom Floor Tiling - Do It Yourself in 10 Steps is a great example of her propensity to create strong, evergreen content.

Congratulations to all of these talented winners!


Marilisa said...

Well done, January Best of ACers. I'll check out the content. And to my Rising Star friends, way to go! Anita, Cynthia Ann, Kay, Cindy Tuttle, high five girls. To the other two, welcome- I look forward to meeting you!

LA Nickers said...

Nice work. Congratulations all around!

Unknown said...

Thank you Jolynne and Marilisa for nominating me, and for everyone who has helped me get this far. I really appreciate it.

Anita Cameron said...

Thank you so much! I am honored and humbled! Thanks Marilisa, Lyn, Abby, Lisa M., and M.G. for your nominations!

Congratulations to all the other winners!

Cassandra James said...

Thanks so much AC! What a nice surprise when I woke up yesterday morning to an email from Darnell saying "Congratulations". Really made my week :-)

BTW, in case AC wants to know what I'm doing with the money :-) It will pay for my round-trip air fare to Vietnam in June (yes, at $100 Air Asia is THAT cheap, LOL), which will give me a lot more material for yet MORE travel articles on AC. Can't wait!

Thanks again, and to all the other winners - well deserved! Congratulations.

NSB Happenings said...

A BIG Congratulations to all the winners. Keep up the great work and thanks for providing us with entertaining, educational and intelligent content!

Unknown said...

Great job, guys!

Loki Morgan said...


Tony Payne said...

Congratulations everyone. Well done Cassandra, I read all your travel articles, very interesting and full of fun content.

Jodie M. Cordell said...

Wow! I just signed on yesterday and I'm more than thrilled to see the level of talent on AC! Congrats to all the winners. What a wonderful group of writers you are!

Charlotte Prescott said...

Congratulations to our January winners, and to everyone who helps make AC such a trove of information.