Thursday, August 28, 2008

The New & Improved AC Forum

The AC Forum has just gotten a makeover. Newly expanded and redesigned, it'll be an even better place to connect with other members of the AC Community. Our forums house a wealth of information for CPs, touching on everything from tutorials on content creation to local meetups so that you can hang out in person with fellow AC enthusiasts.

Please stop by the new Forum. Let us know what you think by posting your questions and comments in the brand new "Talk Back to AC" category.

Don't miss our Town Halls, either. Next Town Hall is on September 3rd and will focus on Custom Content. More about that next week.

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Michelle L. Devon said...

Yeah, well, they are new, but not necessarily 'improved' at this point. I'll give credit to the fact they are developing and undergoing changes and the goal is to continue to improve though.

As for the Town hall (pout), I couldn't get in and no one has as of yet told me why. Ah, well, bet it was a good one too!

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