Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Learn to Write Better Titles at Associated Content's Town Hall on Wednesday

(Hint #1: Don't make them as long as that title. I definitely need attend this Town Hall)

The next AC Town Hall: "Title Writing for Associated Content" Register here.

Wednesday October 1 at 6:00 pm EST, join Join AC's Lead Content Manager, Valerie Singleton, as she gives tips and tricks for writing solid, informative titles that will help your content perform on Associated Content. Valerie will teach you to properly use keywords and search terms within your titles to increase exposure of your content.

Attending the Town Hall and following Valerie's wise advice will help draw more readers to your content, thereby upping your page views and making you a happy CP. We like happy CPs.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to read the minutes of a town hall you miss?

AC_Laura said...

Until now we haven't posted recordings of the town hall sessions, but we plan to start doing after the next one. Next Town Hall (10/22) will be available on AC after it is over.