Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What has Associated Content Led to for You?

Every so often we hear stories from Content Producers who have connected with other opportunities because of their work on AC. Freelance writers find gigs when editors read their articles, news outlets pick up their stories, or, in some exceptional cases, get called to appear on national television.

Kelly Spies asked in a forum thread for stories like these in early August and has gotten some excellent examples of AC success stories in the past weeks. Head over to read inspiring posts about pieces getting picked up by CNN, ESPN, the Washington Post and more.

We know that there are more out there! Come on, reluctant sharers, I can think of many CPs who have gotten hooked up with freelance work or have been highlighted by outside media because of their work that originated on AC.

We're gathering your AC success stories on a single page. I'll link from the blog once it has been assembled.

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Anonymous said...

IT's lead me to more readerships and made a real nightmare for places like Encyclopedia Dramatica. What I am thinking is you guys should do an anthology featuring stories from writers who are on AC -- the stories too shocking for you guys to publish and you have a few on here who work with and you can get something with them.
     In 2005 you guys invited me to the site and back then I had a full plate now here I am as a publisher passing the idea long to you if you guys are game. I can help with the layouts and everything like that. All the more controversial stories you guys published being in the book plus some new material by content producers. The anthology being open to clout levels five or higher.