Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Content Producers You Should Know

Tons of new CPs sign up for Associated Content every day. They're a diverse group of people looking for experience, exposure, excitement, income or a combination of all of the things that AC has to offer it's users. Below are three new Content Producers who've been with AC for about a month and have been creating great stuff.

"My 2 Cents if I'm not Overcharging" joined AC in December of 2008 and has been busy publishing articles on the economy and employment since then. He holds a B.S in Applied Mathematics and has a real love for writing. He even writes poetry.

Homeschool teacher and former Naval Officer Brooke Lorren became a Content Producer for AC in December, 2008 and earned $100 in her first month. She wrote about her expriences as a new AC-er here. She also writes about family, kids and news articles.
Stop by and give her some encouragement!

D.W. is an American expat living in the U.K. He has also been with AC since December '08 and is a music lover who writes on a wide variety of subjects. Check out these two articles and tell him what you think of his song choices.
Top Ten Submlime Sonic Youth Songs
Tips on Being Your Dog's Boss

Please take a moment this week to welcome these CPs to the AC community!

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