Thursday, January 8, 2009

Take the Unofficial Associated Content Challenge

CP Amy Browne gets AC.
A Clout 10, Top 1,000 CP with 1.2 million pageviews under her belt, she's fed up with rumors that Associated Content is a scam, and has taken action.
Amy just issued the Unofficial AC Challenge to prove that articles on Associated Content can and will earn page views if you take a few simple steps to make them do so. All of the successful CPs on AC have worked hard to earn their PVs and ANYONE can do it if they put in some effort.
This challenge is still unofficial but I wanted to be sure that blog readers saw it in case they'd like to participate.


Unknown said...

I am keeping my finger crossed and an open mind. After contributing about 10 articles and having about 3000 page views, and having a statistics that says that I am entitled $4.40, I have yet to receive any payment. Writing to the AC guys did not seem to have any effect. Until now, I am still waiting for an answer and wondering if I should continue to write for AC.

AC_Laura said...

ELTICI, please email community [at] or post your profile link here and we'll get it figured out!

Unknown said...

Hi, Laura,

There you go: this is my profile link. Thanks.


claritynow said...

cool info, useful to a newbie such as myself. Ran across your blog when poking around on twitter.

Unknown said...

Dear Laura,

I am an international recruiter, aka headhunter. I am taking up free lance writing just for fun. Below are my hubpages and associated content webpages:

Please keep me posted on what you are doing too?

I would like to add you to my fav CP. How do I do that?