Monday, May 18, 2009

AC's New Home Page

You may have noticed that our home page has a new look. We've simplified the design to encourage visitors to search and browse AC’s library for useful information on any topic. As always, it prominently features a topical selection of high quality content from many different Sources.

We’re proud of the library you’ve created, and we want to encourage people to dive right in. You’ll also notice an ongoing count of the total size of the AC library – it’s currently over 1.2 million pieces strong!

Stay tuned for a new version of your AC Account page. We're working on a new layout that features additional stats to help you keep track of your success. More details of that project coming soon!


Pam said...

It's clean and crisp. I like it, but I would like to see the topics more visible.

Lyn Lomasi said...

I think it's an excellent idea to make searching AC more prominent on the front page. That could create more discoverability for all content, which is definitely a good thing.

By the way, thanks to whoever just put the links in the top right corner back on the front page - much more convenient for browsing.

Perhaps it's still being worked on, but there's a couple of things I noticed about the new front page.

I'd like to see the news and the featured and new Sources back on the front page. I could be wrong, but I think both the news and the display of various Sources helps readers get more engaged. I personally enjoy reading news from the front page or finding new Sources to welcome to the site.

Anonymous said...
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