Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crystal Ray Passes Ten Million Page Views

Earlier this week, Crystal Ray hit a major milestone in her Associated Content career, soaring past 10 million page views on her AC library!

Crystal has been writing for AC for close to 4 years. In that time, she’s published more than 1,500 pieces of useful and highly searchable content and developed an extensive following (including 451 fans in the AC Community). Her specialties include interior decorating and home improvement, and earlier this year she won a Best of AC Award for her excellent gardening guides.

So, what’s the secret to Crystal’s success? Check out this tutorial she published in her second year on the site. The tips she provides are just as useful today as they were back in 2006.

Associated Content up-and-comer Han Van Meegerin got inspired by Crystal in his first months as an AC Source. Earlier today he published this testament to her achievements. He also conducted an interview with Crystal, which touches on a wide range of subjects, from her early days as a writer to her reflections on how AC has changed over the years. You can read Han’s full interview with Crystal here.

Be sure to stop by Crystal Ray’s AC profile, check out some of her awesome content and congratulate her for reaching this major milestone!

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Yolanda Morris said...

Congrats! While I don't foresee myself getting there any time soon, I read your article on the importance of page views and I plan to implement a lot of those tips starting today!