Thursday, September 18, 2008

Friday's Featured Content: Pirate Mania!

It was too hard to resist, what with it being Talk Like A Pirate Day and a beautiful, sunny Friday. Pirates became all the rage a few years ago following Johnny Depp's charismatic turn as Capt. Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean and with Halloween approaching the pirate trend is picking up again.

There is a treasure chest full of pirate-related content on Associated Content. Below are a few articles that are noteworthy for their creative takes on the pirate phenomenon:
  • Mary Lewis recently published an article about throwing a pirate-themed party for Seniors in a nursing home or assisted living facility. Her suggestions could easily translate to a party in a school or at home.
  • JA Huber briefs readers on the origins of Talk Like a Pirate Day. We have humorist Dave Barry to thank.
  • Finally, for those who like a little history with their silly holidays, Mike A published a lengthy comparison of Sir Francis Drake and Blackbeard that highlights, among other things, religion, seafaring techniques and drinking on the high seas.
I'd like to close out with a joke from
What is a pirate's favorite type of music?
Arrr & B


Michelle L. Devon said...

(GROAN) @ the cheesy joke! LOL

Pirate, huh? Interesting choice of featured content!

Okay, off to read!

Love and stuff,

jhuber7672 said...

Arrr, thanks for including my article :)