Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Associated Content Invites Stephen Colbert to Test the Power of the Colbert Nation

The Colbert Nation was powerful enough to name part of a NASA space station after its leader, Stephen Colbert – but is it powerful enough to earn him a big payday?

On Monday night, Stephen Colbert featured a news story from Associated Content by L. Vincent Poupard on “The Colbert Report."

This is Associated Content’s official invitation to Mr. Colbert and his followers to submit original articles or videos – on the topics of their choosing – for publication on Associated Content. AC will treat Mr. Colbert just like anyone else. His submission will be will be reviewed by an editor, given an upfront payment offer, and, upon accepting the offer, Colbert’s contribution will be published on AssociatedContent.com and earn him $1.50 for every 1,000 page views his content generates. And that goes for each of his followers too.

Imagine what Colbert and his multitude of followers could achieve, given the chance to earn endless revenue by submitting content on topics of their choice.

They might consider starting by tackling the unfortunate glut of Colbert-centric content in the massive Associated Content library. There are 565 articles about Colbert’s main competition, Bill “Papa Bear” O’Reilly, and 431 about his comedic counterpoint Jon Stewart. By contrast, there is a sad 228 pieces about Colbert.

We’ll give the Colbert Nation two weeks to produce as much content as they can, to see if their output can hold a candle to an established Source like L. Vincent Poupard.


Shannon Lausch said...

I wonder if he'll see this. I would love to read an article by him. I don't think there's enough articles about the dangers of bears...

L. Vincent Poupard said...

If Colbert accepts this challenge, I would love to take a further role in support of AC.

L. Vincent Poupard

Pinching Abe said...

I think that AC should start making the morning talk show circuit. I see lots of recession related money segments on TV... How about Fox and Friends?

On a side note, I have noticed more and more journalists on AC and most especially since so many newspapers have folded. It isn't just soccer moms looking to help make ends meet by writing at AC.

Lyn Lomasi said...

I'd be interested in checking out their submissions. ;-)

Kristy said...

Pinching Abe - I think that's a good idea. There are a lot of people out there right now who really need the extra money.

I think the recession is driving a lot of the influx of new writers (myself included). A fellow Michigander on AC mentioned she thought AC was getting a lot of new Michigan writers because our state is the hardest hit right now.

AC_Laura said...

We're waiting on a response still...ha.
I think you all are right, lots more people are coming to AC these days as a way to earn extra money in the tough economy. I'm definitely out there pitching that to media, it's how we ended up in the Wall St Journal last month. Email Fox & Friends and tell them about your success with us! I'm sure they would appreciate your firsthand testimony even more than they do my earnest pitching. :)

Lyn Lomasi said...

LOL Let me know when someone responds Laura.

AC definitely can be a great place to earn extra money. Actually, I make more at AC than at my "real" job and I get to sit on my computer doing something I love to do it. The possibilities really are endless with AC for those willing to try it.

BookingAlong said...

Today, they are mentioned on The View (Associated Content) HOw cool is that?