Friday, April 17, 2009

Help a Source Become Miss Wyoming

Associated Content is an awesome place because of the variety of people who contribute to the site. Every day, we hear or read a new, cool story about our Sources.

This week's story is about Becca M. Becca is a college student in Wyoming who has been writing for AC for a little over a year. She reached out to us because she's currently competing for the title of Miss Wyoming and, if she's successful, Miss America. Her pageant experience informs some of the articles that she's written on AC, and she covers lots of other topics of interest to college students.

We asked Becca to talk a little bit about AC and her quest to become Miss Wyoming. Please join us in wishing her the best of luck!

AC:Why did you enter the Miss Wyoming pageant?

BM:I entered Miss Wyoming because I feel that it is an opportunity to learn skills and have amazing experiences that I would not be able to have or gain by any other means.

AC: Have you used Associated Content, or do you plan to, in your quest to become Miss America?

BM: I have used Associated Content as a general information resource when writing papers, studying and as a source to cure my curiosity about random topics. I plan to use Associated Content as a resource to gain knowledge about numerous topics to prepare for my Miss America interview and for appearances.

AC: You do a lot of charity outreach in the course of your pageants. Which charities do you sponsor and why?

BM: My platform in Focused on the Future: Mathematics and Science Education, which I chose because of my involvement with the Society of Women Engineers and because I am a Petroleum Engineering major, so I am exposed to the importance of these subjects everyday.
I am also involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, I love this organization and what it does for children with life-threatening illness and their families.
Lastly, I am involved with the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, which is an organization that is very dear to me because I have Celiac disease.

AC: How can your fellow AC Sources help you to achieve your goal?

BM: There are a couple of ways that other AC Sources can help me achieve my goal to become Miss Wyoming. First, I am currently raising money for the Children's Miracle Network through their online email donation program. Donations are completely tax deductible and go to an amazing cause. In order for the donation to support both me and the Miss Wyoming pageants efforts to raise money for CMN, you have to follow a link from an email that I can send you. Visit my profile and send me a message if you're interested.
Second, as a means of supporting the pageant, all contestants are required to sell ads in the program book, these ads are also a tax deductible donation. Again, you can contact me at any time about supporting Children's Miracle Network or the Miss Wyoming Scholarship Foundation. And thank you for your help!


Christine Cadena said...

Is this the same young lady who won the Miss Congeniality award tonight on the show? Perhaps I am confused. In any event, I wish Becca the best of luck!

Anonymous said...

I am running for Miss Wyoming which goes to Miss America, Miss Wyoming USA won Miss Congeniality last night at Miss USA. Thank you for your support.

Becca Podio
Miss Newcastle 2009