Friday, June 25, 2010

Magnolia Miller's "MJ Story"

Today marks the first anniversary of Michael Jackson's death, and people around the world are celebrating the memory of the King of Pop, originator of the moonwalk and star of the Jackson Five.
TMZ, one of the Web's leading entertainment news sites, is covering the event from every angle, and one Associated Content Contributor, Magnolia Miller, got the top billing on a special TMZ sidebar called "MJ Stories."

Magnolia's piece recounts a summer day in 1971 when she met a young Michael Jackson in Shreveport, LA. As they spent the afternoon watching cartoons and having a pillow fight, Magnolia never dreamed that "little Michael" would grow up to become the world's most famous pop star.

Click here to read Magnolia's fascinating story, and her thoughts on MJ's legacy.


Lyn Lomasi said...

That was an excellent piece! Congrats on a job well done, Magnolia! :)

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M.G. Hardiman said...

Very cool, Magnolia!! :)

Nicholas Ward said...

So how do I get my blog added to the Associated Content contributors blog list? ^^

Y! Darnell said...


Post a link here or email community [at] associatedcontent.


Beth said...

I'm so glad AC has a blog. I am a new (well, one month old) contributor and just added the AC blog to my own.

The AC Community Guides, like Lyn, Marie Anne & Cathy are so helpful (and fast as greased lightning with their responses).

My blog is Swelterbird, at Stop by sometime for a virtual cup of coffee or sweet iced tea.

Nicholas Ward said...

well actually my name was the URL but I can post another URL :P

Nice to meet you Ac Darnell ^^ haven't seen you around AC so far.

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Melanie Patrick said...

Awesome job Maggie!! Congrats on this!