Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yahoo! Music's Groove

Veteran music journalist and Yahoo! Music executive editor Dave Dimartino is looking forward to working with Associated Content Arts & Entertainment Contributors.
Yahoo! Music's focus has always been providing its audience with news, reviews and rich media custom-tailored to their personal music interests - and now they're ready to get even more local. In Dave's words, "Yahoo! may have a massive international reach, but in fact it's the very precise story, the local story, that often resonates best with our worldwide readership."

That's where you come in. Working with Associated Content's diverse community of Contributors--living in small towns and big cities across the country, and representing a full spectrum of musical taste--will allow Yahoo! Music to branch out like never before, and enable our best music writers to connect with a much larger audience.

Be sure to read Dave Dimartino's open letter to the AC community, to learn more about how Yahoo! Music has evolved over the years and as his vision for the future.

If you're a Featured Arts & Entertainment Contributor, claiming some Associated Content summer music assignments is a great way to get into the Yahoo! Music's groove, and show their editors what you're passionate about and capable of. If you're not currently a Featured Contributor in A&E, now's a great time to apply!

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