Monday, December 15, 2008

Falling Into the Holidays with Associated Content

The middle of December feels like it came really fast, but here we are, 5 days before the start of Hanukkah and 10 days before Christmas. Ready yet? AC can help.

As with many holidays, there is a plethora of great stuff about the season on Associated Content. From decorating to shopping to cooking, our CPs have it all covered. "Green" Christmas decorations? Check. Shopping on a budget? Check. Eggnog recipe? Check. We're got everything!

I asked the Content Team for some highlights to share with AC blog readers. With so much to choose from it was tough for them to narrow it down, but they came through with some useful and entertaining selections:

Survive Celebrating Both Christmas and Hanukkah in One Season by Jennifer Claerr.

White Elephant Gift Ideas to Make You a Christmas Party Hit by Mike DeNicola.

Add a Charity to Your Christmas List
by PennyB.

Five Kwanzaa Gifts for Your Parents Under $50 by Nannette Campbell.

How to Make Your Own Kwanzaa Mkeka by Emma Gin

Cheap Christmas Gifts During an Economic Recession by Sherry W.

There are so many more. I'm off to search AC for advice on what to buy my brother this year.

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