Monday, December 8, 2008

Spotlight On Content Producers in Alaska

Alaska has gotten quite a bit of attention recently, what with a few Alaskan politicians making the national news on a regular basis. It got me wondering how many of Associated Content's CPs are based in our northernmost state and what they're writing about. There are currently 21 registered Content Producers who claim AK as their home. Below are 4 of the standouts.

Busy CP Clever Shopper lives in Eagle River, AK. From there, she writes lots of informative reviews of beauty products and grocery items.

Unwirklich Vin Zant, living in Soldotna, AK. I looked on a map to see where Soldotna is. Just outside of the giant Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, it looks like a beautiful place. Unwirklich writes product reviews and advice on pregnancy and motherhood. She takes many of the photos that accompany her articles herself.

Jake S is an Anchorage resident who joined AC in September. His content is largely Alaska-centric and will make you want to visit. Personally, I'll wait for spring...

Jacks Twins lives at Elemendorf AFB, AK. A mother to young twins as well as "a veteran, an athlete and a college graduate", she writes about parenting and family topics with a dash of fitness and health. Cute baby pics accompany her articles.

For more on activities in AK read Randy Godwin's "Alaska Hunting Trip Information" and Jill Veskco's "Fly Fishing in Alaska."

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