Friday, January 30, 2009

Associated Content 2008 People's Media Award Winners

We are very excited to announce the winners of Associated Content's 2008 People's Media Awards.

In every category, we evaluated a diverse list of talented finalists before settling on this year's distinguished honorees. It is with great pleasure that we present the following winners, who exemplify the spirit of AC's publishing platform and content community.

Content Producer of the Year

Sabah Karimi

The prolific and multi-talented Sabah Karimi is the winner of AC's top award this year. Throughout nearly three years of active participation on AC, Sabah has published over 2,000 articles on topics like e-commerce, fashion, travel and social media, which have accumulated more than three million page views overall. Her contributions to the AC Community are also numerous. Beyond her consistently supportive presence on AC, her tireless advocacy of her fellow CPs reaches deeply into the World Wide Web. On her personal blog, The AC Weekly (formerly known as The AC Daily), she profiles other CPs, rounds up some of the best AC content, provides insightful publishing tutorials and reports on the latest AC news. By harnessing social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, she's projected her positive messages even further. Visit Sabah's profile, check out her content and congratulate her on becoming the 2008 Content Producer of the Year!

Read Sabah's Acceptance Speech
View Sabah's Acceptance Video

Articles of the Year

Carol Bengle Gilbert: "Obama Advocates Change at Leesburg, Virginia Rally"

Angie Mohr: "Ending an Abusive Marriage: Important Financial and Emotional Advice"

Christopher Cudworth
: "Coping with a Cancer Diagnosis"

Our 2008 Articles of the Year awards honor two of AC's most accomplished Content Producers (Carol Bengle Gilbert and Angie Mohr) along with one rising star (Christopher Cudworth). Each inspiring article evokes common and highly topical themes -- channeling hope and empowerment in periods of crisis. These authentic, original voices embody the AC spirit, eloquently translating personal experience into poignant information for the good of their audience. Be sure to read each extraordinary piece, and take some time to peruse all three of these talented writers' rich and diverse libraries of content.

Read Carol's Acceptance Speech

Read Angie's Acceptance Speech

Read Christopher's Acceptance Speech

News Provider of the Year

Connie Wilson

Throughout 2008, Connie Wilson demonstrated extraordinary commitment to covering politics for AC, professionally and ceaselessly writing about the year's biggest story: the presidential election. From campaign barnstorming in Iowa in January to Barack Obama's celebration in Chicago in November, Connie was often on scene, interviewing campaign workers and maneuvering her way into one-on-one chats with politicians. She traveled cross-country for AC, most notably to Denver and St. Paul for both parties' conventions. All along the way, she contributed an enormous number of detailed, fresh and engaging stories.

Read Connie's Acceptance Speech

Videographer of the Year

Greg Reese (aka "Greg Reese from Cincinnati")

In 2008, Greg Reese set out to "unite the political parties with hip hop," and his clever odes to Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden and Sarah Palin certainly succeeded in bridging that gap. He took Associated Content by storm with infectious, affirmative rap videos about presidential politics, business moguls and even the AC publishing process. He also took his video camera around town and provided fascinating firsthand coverage of local events in his native Cincinnati. Stay tuned for more catchy, creative and informative videos from Greg Reese in 2009.

Watch Greg Reese's AC Tribute Video

Audiocaster of the Year

Judlyne Lilly Gibson (aka "Second Street Dreams")

Judlyne Lilly Gibson is a seasoned journalist with both radio and television experience, who began publishing professional-grade and highly informative audiocasts on AC in '07 using the name of her audio production company, Second Street Dreams. Since then, she has expertly tackled a wide range of topics over the AC airwaves - from entertainment and the Internet to politics and spirituality. Judlyne expertly engages her subjects in insightful, entertaining interviews that address all sides of the issues and events she covers. Follow her dynamic audio stream to stay in the loop!

Listen to Judlyne's Acceptance Speech

Top Performing Content

Mark Whittington
: "John McCain vs. Barack Obama on the Issues"

Steve Thompson: "Common Causes of Left Side Stomach Pain"

Pam Gaulin
: "4th of July Fireworks in Massachusetts 2008"

The recipients of this year's Top Performing Content awards were published by experienced Content Producers (including 2007's CP of the Year, Pam Gaulin) who possess an expert understanding of how to create effective and search-friendly content for the Web. Each timely, informative article has attracted a large volume of traffic since its publication, and showcases "best practices" in three of AC's leading content categories -- politics, health and local coverage.

Congratulations again to all of the winners of the People's Media Awards! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication in 2008, we can't wait to see what 2009 brings from each of you!


Anonymous said...

You've also handed out badges for the Top 100 and the Top 1000. I think it would be a nice idea to also put up a list of these people, as it would be great to see who made the list without having to scroll through thousands of bios :-)

Lyn Lomasi said...

I don't know how AC sifted through all the great writers and their awesome content. But, somehow the awards were handed out to great choices.

Congrats to everyone again, even though I've already told you all. :-)

AC_Laura said...

Thanks everyone. A Top 100/1000 recognition post is forthcoming.

BookingAlong said...

Congrats to all!