Monday, January 12, 2009

The Single Page View Option: Your Questions Answered

Lots of Content Producers have been writing in to ask why Associated Content decided to build a "Single Page" viewing option into the new AC, and how that will affect page views.

We created the single page viewing option because it was requested often by visitors, and is becoming an industry standard. [New addition] It was also a feature that was frequently requested by advertising partners. We rely on advertising income to pay our Content Producers, so complying with those requests is in everybody's best interests if it means they'll buy ads on AC and we can use that money to pay CPs.

When someone navigates to your content, it is still spread across multiple pages by default. If someone chooses to view your content on a single page, two separate page views will be registered - one for the initial view and one for the reload.

Certainly, you (and AC) will receive fewer page views if everyone chooses that option instead of navigating through all of the article pages one-by-one, but here are two important things to keep in mind:
(1) A small percentage of site visitors actually use that option.
(2) A positive visitor experience makes someone more likely to continue browsing the site, which benefits everyone.

We're carefully tracking traffic patterns on the new site. As the data comes in, we'll continue to make tweaks to generate the most traffic throughout all of Associated Content. And remember, what is good for AC, advertisers and site visitors is good for Content Producers--we're all in this together!

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Lyn Lomasi said...

Thanks for this. It's pretty much as I figured and makes sense. That was awesome of AC to answer this question for all of us who were curious. :-)

Anonymous said...

So the plain and simple of it is that all of the articles on the site that are more than two pages (and there are a great many of them), AC will no longer pay the content producers for the page views the content producer earned and thought they were going to get paid. However, "small percentage" of readers choose to read the article from a single page doesn't negate the fact that any cps who's articles are more than two pages and where the new single page option feature is selected will no longer be paid how the multi-page article used to be paid.

AC_Laura said...

A few points to clarify in response to AC Content Writer's comment:
AC will be paying for all pageviews accrued up through the full redesign launch. Anything CPs earned will be paid to usual.

It is a new system but, as per the blog post, it makes the site much more appealing to visitors and the longer they're inclined to stay on AC and keep reading, the better it is for ALL Content Producers.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed an increase in page views with the one page option and am looking forward to what happens in the months ahead. Input from those outside AC has been positive. My experience, of course, is simply the input of one writer. I'm pleased to see a response from AC about this :)

For longer pieces, some of my readers have commented that they like to see articles on one page, rather than flipping to other pages and that the article flow seems better. I've showed the old and new pages to people unfamiliar with AC and the general opinion is that it looks more professional.

Again, just my take from a select group of readers. Others may have different experiences - and page view results. In the months to come, I wonder how it will pan out and am eager to see the results.

Carolina said...

Laura, Thanks for this concise and comprehensive answer. It is important for us to remember that what benefits the site will benefit us all. I find it interesting that the more experienced and successful CPs understand this and the less experienced who have yet to "make it" on the site are more suspicious. I know a year or so ago, I might have been worried about this and when more experienced CPs said some change that had some negative implications would also have an upside, I still worried... having crossed the line, all I can say to those who are still trying to see how this could be a benefit is to look at the big picture- there comes a point when you stop worrying about every single page view (as when comments come through email and you don't go back to your page to look at them because you are simply too busy). If the change contributes to an atmosphere that brings in more page views than it takes away, it benefits us all.

C.Kowandi said...

Thank you AC, I agree with Momie Tullottes, you always answer all our questions. I will surely submit another articles. Right now I still working on my blog
Christ Kowandi