Monday, January 12, 2009

December's Best of AC Award Winners

January is progressing rapidly and before it is too late, the standout Content Producers from December deserve their due. Congratulations to the Best New CPs and the Best of AC Award Winners from December '08!
Information about this month's Best of AC categories is at the bottom of this post.

Associated Content's Best New CP's for December, 2008: Please congratulate them and welcome them to AC!

Kathryn Marshall has been a member of Associated Content since mid-November. She's already written 29 articles on parenting and children.

Lisa Parris lives in Tennessee and writes frequently on a wide variety of topics from diet tips to fiction and opinion pieces.

Californian Ryan Miguel publishes lots of colorful local content and longer research papers.

Best of AC Awards for December, 2008:

Jeff Gedgaud for his Technology Reviews

Christine Bude for her Winter Travel Guides

Chris for Religion & Spirituality

Thanks to the 6 CPs above for their hard work in December. This month's "Best of AC" awards are in the following categories: Diet & Fitness, Op-Ed and Movie Reviews. Nominate winners in the Forum here.

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