Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Associated Content Writer Earns Ten Million Page Views

An amazing new milestone was reached on Associated Content at the beginning of February.

R.S. became our first Content Producer to reach (and surpass) ten million page views.


10,010,165, to be exact. It's a huge accomplishment, and one that we hope many more CPs will have the opportunity to experience.

R.S. started contributing to Associated Content in May 2005, just months after we launched the site. Since then, she has published an astounding 4,073 pieces of content covering a diverse array of topics. Her experience provides an excellent example of how good content continues to perform for you over time. She produced an enormous volume of search-optimized, search-friendly content in her early years on AC, and it is that solid foundation that has driven her astounding page view numbers. By creating "evergreen" content that continues to attract visitors, R.S. has established a solid body of income-generating work that earns considerable Performance Pay month after month.

There are several other Content Producers who have reached impressive page view milestones recently. Visit their profiles to see what they're doing to drive such incredible numbers and ensure continual earnings from AC.

Hot on R.S.'s heels is Crystal Ray with over eight million page views.

Kassidy Emerson sailed passed six million and is well on her way to seven.

Emma S. is rapidly closing in on six million page views.

Multiple-PMA winner Pam Gaulin recently passed five million page views and will undoubtedly have many more by the end of 2009.

We're honored to have such successful Content Producers on our site and we're proud that we've been able to provide a platform with such huge earning and exposure potential for them—and anyone—with talent and determination.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the CP's and to AC for all this content. My hat is off to each of you!

BookingAlong said...

Very cool! 10 million page views

Lyn Lomasi said...

That is awesome for AC and all who have earned those high PV's! Congrats! I hope to do the same. :-)

esper_d said...

Neat, congrats :)

Anonymous said...

RS hasn't published any new articles on AC for almost 8 months now. Would love to know why she stopped writing for AC, as I liked to read her new work.

Congrats to everybody!