Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spring Sweepstakes Winners

Congratulations to Carly Morgan and Patrick Hurst, who each won a brand new, 32GB, Wifi-enabled Apple iPad!

As part of our April Showers Bring May Flowers sweepstakes, Carly and Patrick were randomly selected out of the thousands of Contributors who referred new publishers to Associated Content or created their first piece of content. With the Apple iPad proudly in tow, Carly and Patrick can now write, read and share AC articles on the road this summer!

iPad, therefore I am: Carly and Patrick's sleek new tech toy.

Meet our winners…

Referral Promotion: Carly Morgan

Utahnian Featured Contributor Carly Morgan successfully recruited 11 new writers to Associated Content in April and May! This talented freelance writer's AC library cover lots of topics, offering everything blogging advice to information on hosting a Disney wedding.

New Contributor Promotion: Patrick Hurst

South Dakotan sports enthusiast Patrick has published 9 pieces of content since joining the AC community in April. Enjoying the 2010 World Cup? For a blast from the past, check out Patrick's article about the "brilliant run" made by team USA back in 2002.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the promo, and congrats to our winners!

Remember: If you referred new writers to Associated Content during our spring promotion, it’s not over yet! Help guide your recruits and offer useful advice for publishing success and you’ll automatically receive a $10 referral bonus for every contributor who reaches Clout 5 by August 31!


Lyn Lomasi said...

Awesome! Congrats Carly and Patrick! I hope there are more contests in the future. It was fun participating in this one. :)

Carly said...

Thanks!!! I'm so excited!!!

M.G. Hardiman said...

Congratulations, Carly and Patrick. These contests are such fun, aren't they? Good luck with your writing!!

Regards, M.G.

Unknown said...

Thanks, AC!

Gary Goza said...

Yeah, when is the next Sweepstakes? When I find out, I'm in!