Friday, October 3, 2008

Outside Recommendations for Associated Content

People love to share their good news. Every week, Content Producers recommend us to their friends and loyal readers as a legitimate place to earn money and get experience producing content for the Web.

Thank you to the evangelists who spread the good word about Associated Content over the past week. You are our sunshine!

  • Wisdom at, who calls us a "great way to earn extra money while writing articles."
  • David at Make Cash Online Today includes AC in a handy guide to internet-based earning.
  • Mr.Dave has made the jump from a RuneScape blog to AC only. Check out his AC content!
  • Joey, in part II of an article at explains publishing and article promotion at AC as a long-term investment. He says, "by maximizing the opportunities for your articles to be viewed, you minimize the chances of dry-spell days that net you absolutely nothing."
  • Keith Steinke recommends us in his article "How to Make Money Producing Content for Websites."
  • LaurieHomeBusiness calls us "one of the most wonderful places to publish your own articles" here.
  • Finally, Mike's Money Making Rants & Raves, in a regular feature, updates readers on how much he's earned at his various online pursuits.
Friday's Featured content is coming soon.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the mention laura! stay glued for other AC updates =)

joey @

Anonymous said...

Although my blog isn't exactly AC only, AC is and will continue to be an important part of my life (in addition to being a truly awesome resource) so undoubtably a major portion of my blog will be devoted to Associated Content. Thanks a ton, Laura, for posting!

Lyn Lomasi said...

It's great to see so many people promoting AC. Thanks. :-)