Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tutorial on AC's Calls for Content ™ CP Tool

Special thanks to Tori for putting this tutorial together!

We are excited to announce the details of our newest Calls for Content™ tool for Content Producers. We recently launched a function that sends CPs an email every time an Associated Content call is targeted to them - individually or as part of a group. All CPs will receive these C4C alert emails . We also launched a similar function that will email you each time you’re targeted with an AC Partner call.

We’ve encouraged you to complete your CP profiles so that it’s easier for us to target you with calls related to your interests and expertise(s). Once your profile is complete, you will be notified immediately that you’ve been targeted, and if you are logged in, you will be able to claim the call right from the email itself. The email will provide all the details of the call, just as when you view calls when you’re logged in on the site.

This tool can be extremely valuable to you, since many calls are released throughout the day at different times. We may release contest calls or breaking local news calls that need immediate attention. We also often release calls for urgent special projects and partner needs.

Log in to your Associated Content account today to complete your profile to make sure that you get the most accurately targeted AC Calls for Content™ Alert emails.

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Lyn Lomasi said...

Thanks. This will be very helpful. :-)