Thursday, October 16, 2008

We're Glad You're With Us

A few Content Producers recently posted on their blogs about being with Associated Content for a long time.

On Associated Content Producers Spotlight, Kelly Spies has generated a venerable list of longtime Content Producers and rightly says that other CPs should aspire to be like them.

Catherine at Love Filled Shoes compared her two years with Associated Content to a long term friendship and that strikes me as an apt comparison. Like any relationship, it has good times and it has frustrating times but ultimately proves to have been fruitful and rewarding for both parties.

On that note, on behalf of everyone at AC, I'd like to sincerely thank ALL of our Content Producers for their hard work and dedication. Working together makes this all possible, and we're striving to keep our relationship as healthy and positive as that of any good friendship. We appreciate you!


Michelle L. Devon said...

Thanks for pointing those out so I didn't miss them! I had to go read and comment on both.

Love and stuff,

AC_Laura said...

No problem, Michy. Congrats on making Kelly's list.