Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine's Craft Ideas on Associated Content

Monday's blog entry covered Valentine's Day recipe ideas on Associated Content. Today, in the lead up to February 14th, are a few of the many craft ideas that have been recently published on AC.

Emma S. guides "guys" through the steps to make an easy, heart-shaped planter. All you'll need is a trip to the craft store, a glue gun and a nudge to your creative side with some paint.

A beaded Valentine's Day heart is a simple craft that is especially appealing for children. They can be used as keychains or bookmarks after they're finished.

For more crafting with children, here are Sandra Petersen's "Valentine Crafts for Young Children." A teacher or grandparent will melt when they are handed one of these paper and ribbon confections by a little one. Making something especially for Dad? Read this.

Like flowers? Want them to last longer than a bouquet of cut flowers? Try a silk flower arrangement as a Valentine's day decoration idea. For more of a homemade touch, watch this video of how to make a fabric flower.

Finally, for digitally-minded Valentine's Day creators, a video guide for How to Create a Valentine in Photoshop.

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