Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine's Day Recipes on Associated Content

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. An interesting holiday, with possible historical origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalis, it was later decreed by the Catholic church that February 14th was Saint Valentine's Day. The holiday really took on its current romantic connotations in the 19th century.

Second only to Christmas for in the number of greeting cards sent on a single day, Valentine's Day is hard to avoid but does not have to stressful on the wallet. This year, many people may be considering skipping an expensive dinner date and a babysitter in favor of a more economical and intimate meal at home. With that in mind, Associated Content has some excellent recipe suggestions for at-home Valentine's chefs.

To get into a romantic mood, consult this list of aphrodisiacs by Traci Freeman. Chocolate, champagne and even bananas are on there in addition to the usual raw oysters and pomegranate suggestions.

Plenty of red and pink food is suggested in this meal planner from Amanda Roddy. Pasta for two, Valentine's salad and even pink mashed potatoes will really add something special to your evening.

If the cook is feeling pressed for time (or unenthusiastic about dishes), check out Skye Danzer's "How to Prepare Dinner for Your Valentine Without Cooking."

Finally, what would a romantic dinner be without indulgent desserts? Sabah Karimi shares tempting recipes for Dark Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Sauce, Cappuccino Truffles, Chocolate Lava Cakes and more.

Any suggestions or recommendations of other AC recipes for V Day? Tomorrow--crafts!

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