Friday, February 27, 2009

User Verification Launching Next Week

We announced a while ago that Associated Content would soon be introducing an account verification system.

The system, launching next week, is designed to fight fraud and protect the integrity of AC's library and our entire community. This is a way to ensure that your work is surrounded by original content from verified Content Producers, and that fraudulent submissions don’t slow down review time.

The process is simple — all you need is a phone number. Here’s how it will work:

Soon you'll see messages around the site that encourage you to verify your account. When you verify, you’ll enter your phone number, and a few seconds later you’ll receive a four-digit code via phone call or text message (your choice). Enter this code into the site, and your account will be verified. We’ll also offer alternative methods of verifying your account – please contact verify[at] for details. Once your account has been verified, you will never be asked to repeat the process.

Here is a shot of what an unverified account will look like on your Payment page:

And here's a shot of the verified view of the Account page:

Other important notes:
  • If you’ve already filed an IRS W-9 form with AC, you will not need to verify your account.
  • AC will never share your phone number or other personal information with a third party for any purpose other than verification.
  • You will not be able to receive further payments from AC until your account has been verified. After 90 days, all payments to unverified accounts will be forfeited.
  • You can only verify one account per phone number. If you share a household and phone number with another CP, you may contact us for additional verification options.
  • The system will verify non-U.S. phone numbers.
  • Once the system launches, please contact verify[at] if you have questions or concerns.
Thanks so much, everyone! With your help this system is going to make Associated Content an even better place to publish your work and connect with other Content Producers.


Julius Albert said...

So how will this work for non-US members? Does that mean we won't get paid anymore?

AC_Laura said...

The system will verify non-US phone numbers, too.

Onemargaret said...

I just verified my account. Very simple process. Thank you.

AC_Laura said...

Hey Leslie, I didn't mean to reject your comment. We're answering all of the emails that are sent. You can email me directly, laura [at] and I'll help you figure it out.
I recommend that either you or your husband file a W9 with us if you live in the U.S.

LA Nickers said...

This was quite simple - automatic for any with tax forms filed.

Excellent idea!

Linda Ann Nickerson
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