Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Associated Content in the Wall St. Journal

You've heard us talk about how AC is a great way to supplement your income because we're paying out our CPs every week, even as the economy stays tough.

Today, the Wall Street Journal included Associated Content in an article entitled, "Selling Expertise On the Internet For Extra Cash." Along with Amazon's Mechanical Turk and LivePerson, they highlighted us as a place to create content in a topic that you're an expert in and earn money on it!

They even interviewed 2008's CP of the Year, Sabah Karimi for the article. She has some good advice to offer in there, so follow the link above or click here to read the article.


admin said...

The article in the Wall St. Journal was great. However, I'm puzzled. It says that "If Associated Content accepts a submission... the author gets between $5 and $30, plus $1.50 for each 1,000 page views."

Five to thirty dollars?? The most I've ever gotten was about $4.95 plus pv's. What do I have to write about to get anywhere close to $30?

AC_Laura said...

Hi Sandra,Anything as high as $30 is associated with a Partner call. If you'd like to apply to be a part of the you can shoot an email to community about it.

AC_Laura said...

*a part of the program.*

LA Nickers said...

Good job, Sabah!

Linda Ann Nickerson