Wednesday, March 4, 2009

AC Now Providing Daily Page View Updates

Great news! Associated Content now updates every Content Producer's estimated page views on a daily basis.

Daily updates mean that you’ll be able to watch in close to real time how your content is performing. This is something our Community has been requesting for a long time, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer it to our CPs.

Now, please keep in mind that these numbers are only estimations until we’ve had a chance to verify them. We verify all page views at the end of the month in order to sure that they're coming from legitimate sources (instead of bots or other blackhat methods) before processing Performance Payments, and adjust the numbers when necessary.

We hope you’ll enjoy receiving daily insight into the popularity of the content you publish on AC!


admin said...

This was a great improvement -- thanks AC!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the daily page view updates. It's definitely helping me to track my traffic more effectively.

LA Nickers said...

Glad to see this!


Linda Ann Nickerson
THE MANE POINT – a haven for horse lovers

Lyn Lomasi said...

The daily updates have been a great way to keep track of which promotional methods are working...and which aren't...LOL

Thanks AC! :-)

Anonymous said...

Excellent improvement. Makes it so much easier to quickly figure out which articles will probably take off and which won't. Thanks!