Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Potpurri

Happy Friday!

Check out a brief roundup of all things Associated Content:

Source Pam Pleasant was interviewed by a local TV news program in MO. She demonstrated her money-saving techniques. Her AC articles got her on there, and we’re mentioned at the very end of the broadcast. Watch Pam's interview here.

AC is in another article about earning money in a tough economy, this time in the April issue of Women's Day Magazine. Check out "9 Ways to Boost Your Income" online or buy a hard copy at your local newsstand.

We're also on a good list of places where wannabe travel writers on the Graduate Degree Blog can “learn what it takes to be a travel writer, how to improve your writing, and ways to increase your chance of success.”

Add the Best of AC Health Twitter name to your follow list and see what's new and noteworthy in our health section.

Finally, if page view (and earning) acceleration has been on your mind lately, read Vikas D. Reddy's excellent article on the subject here.

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