Friday, March 6, 2009

Get Started Promoting Your Content

Are you taking advantage of the new tools AC has developed to help you share your content across the Web?

If you’re not already using Auto-Post and Content Widgets, get started! Make sure you take every opportunity to engage your audience and increase your page views.


Auto-Post allows you to easily share your work on Associated Content with your Facebook friends, Twitter followers and WordPress blog readers. Simply fill in your account details on our Auto-Post page, and links to your content will be posted automatically, every time you publish.

Not currently using Facebook, Twitter or WordPress? Check out these Content Producer tutorials:

Getting Started on Facebook by Sylvia Cochran
Using Twitter to Promote Your Content by Lisaswrite
Starting a WordPress Blog by Nina Rotz

Once you’re set up on Facebook, Twitter or WordPress, start using Auto-Post right away! It's an easy, automated way to promote your content and keep your contacts in the loop.

Remember, you can also manually post your content (or other CPs’ content) to any social media site you use (MySpace, Blogger, Digg, etc.) by clicking the promotion box located underneath every piece.

Content Widgets

We partnered with Newsgator to create custom widgets that make your content more portable than ever. Click the “Widget / Feed” link right above your CP profile page to preview your own, personalized widget, which automatically displays your 5 most recent pieces of content. Simply copy and paste the code we provide to add the widget to your Blog, MySpace profile or any other personal website that accepts HTML code.

You can also create custom widgets that pull in work by other CPs or popular content from around the site on our custom RSS / widget page. Look in the left column of this blog for a visual on our Newsgator widgets.

If you need any help setting up Auto-Post or Content Widgets, please email community at associated You’re welcome to share your feed back as well – we’d love to hear how you’re using these tools to promote your work on AC.


Anonymous said...

Do you have an affiliate program?
I am a publisher on Associated Content but have't found anything.

If there is an affiliaye program, can you please provide the link?

Lyn Lomasi said...

I have been enjoying the new auto-post feature. It hasn't been working the past few days, but of course, there will always be bugs in new features.

I will continue to enjoy that feature once it starts running again. I think it's great that AC gives us so many easy ways to promote.

I haven't yet tried the Newsgator Widgets. I've been using other widgets. I will have to test those out. Thanks! :-)

Michelle L. Devon said...

I'm wondering about the auto-tweet and DOs. I did a DO the other day and it didn't auto-tweet, but my regular queued articles do just fine.

AC_Laura said...

We were having some auto-post issues earlier this week, so that's probably why it didn't work but DO stuff should auto-Tweet like the rest of your content.

Anonymous said...

I love the new widget and autopost program! It is definitely a big help in promoting your articles.